Our Board

Tiffanie Tri


Tiffanie believes that music is an important form of empowerment and self-expression and should be accessible to everyone. Born and raised in Ottawa, Tiffanie has been involved in music since an early age when she learned how to play piano, followed by guitar and saxophone. Tiffanie began teaching at Girls+ Rock Ottawa in 2014 and credits this experience for connecting her to her future band mates from Scary Bear Soundtrack, a local indie band that has performed at Ottawa Bluesfest and JUNOFest. A senior advisor for the federal government by day, Tiffanie is a graduate of Carleton University where she obtained her Master’s Degree in International Affairs.

Keltie Duncan

Vice Chair

Keltie was born and raised in Alberta, friends with musicians but never one herself. After moving to Ottawa and joining the arts scene here, a new colleague came over for dinner and discovered Keltie’s secret electronic drum kit. Once the cat was out of the bag, Keltie was invited to become the drummer for a new project of first-time musicians, now known as Bonnie Doon. The group has since enjoyed playing some pretty great shows at home and beyond, thus obliterating Keltie’s long-standing case of stage fright.

Jordanna Marchand

Secretary; Teacher Coordination & Curriculum Development

Jordanna grew up in a small town where she stood out as the grunge-punk-goth feminist. Obsessed with Courtney Love, 14-year-old Jordanna taught herself to play guitar by meticulously studying her VHS tape of "Hole: Unplugged." Jordanna has fronted several bands in Ottawa and is currently the guitarist for Shadow High. A social worker by day, Jordanna finds Girls+ Rock Ottawa to be a magical amalgamation of her passions for social justice, feminism, and music.


Stephanie Bergeron

Volunteer Coordinator

Stephanie first became involved with Girls+ Rock Ottawa in 2009 when it was organized by Ladyfest Ottawa.  Her role within the organization has varied over the years from making lunches, to fundraising, coordinating volunteers and as a lead organizer of camp itself.  One of the things that hasn't changed is the inspiration to take on a new challenge each year after watching our campers perform at the live showcase at the end of each camp.  Working in healthcare by day, Stephanie continues to learn a lot about the local music community as a result of her involvement with camp.


Our Team

Ariane Bell Vila

Social Media Coordinator

Born in the UK, Ariane moved to Ottawa when she was six and has just recently returned to the city after living and working in New Zealand for a year and graduating from Laurier University in Waterloo, ON with her B.Mus in Voice. Being raised on an eclectic mix of her dad’s cassettes, her mom’s Spanish artists and her own music tastesAriane grew up with all kinds of genres and sounds; loving every minute of it. She firmly believes in the power of music and the joy it brings to both the people listening to it and creating it. She currently teaches voice and piano while working on her own music and learning new things about the arts industry.


Sage mosurinjohn


Sage made the move from Peterborough to Ottawa at the age of 5 and has been in love with this city ever since! After graduating from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Journalism, she decided that just four years of school wasn’t enough and went on to Algonquin College to earn a diploma in graphic design. While her short-lived dreams of playing trumpet in a ska band in high school never quite panned out, she’s happy to have found a small way to contribute to the community by helping to grow the brand of Girls+ Rock Ottawa. You can see more of her work at http://designedbysage.ca/


Jessica Deeks

Official Girls+ Rock Ottawa Photographer

Jess was born and raised here in Ottawa. Although her musical tastes were heavily influenced by the rock and blues music of her dad, a career in music never quite took off (“band practices” with friends mostly consisted of sleepovers watching School of Rock). She chose to focus her creativity on photography instead, and graduated from the Algonquin College program in 2010. She has photographed subjects like Tom Mulcair, Rona Ambrose, and the Chief Justice, as well as advertising campaigns and corporate work. In 2016 she approached Girls+ Rock Ottawa about her vision of doing a personal series of portraits and candids during the camp. With the success of that project, she is excited to partner with G+RO to continue capturing these amazing individuals and one of a kind moments! You can see more of her work at www.jessicadeeks.com


Kyla Hidalgo

graphic designer

Kyla grew up in the suburbs of Toronto where she began playing acoustic sets at coffee houses from the age of 13. She moved to Ottawa to pursue a bachelor's degree in Interactive Multimedia and Design and now works as a Graphic and Multimedia Designer. Along with some of her good pals she met in Ottawa, she started a band called No Mistakes in Space and has now taken some of her acoustically written songs to a new level with a full band. Inspired by her own experience in the music scene and journey of self-growth and identification, she gains fulfillment from helping out with Girls+ Rock Ottawa and feels that it is important to inspire and empower other self-identified girls to not be afraid to be loud, confident, and to express themselves through music.


Jenna Spencer

Jam Sessions Coordinator

Jenna grew up in small town southern Ontario coming to Ottawa for some higher education, graduating with an Honors Bachelor’s degree in Aboriginal and Women’s Studies in 2016. Jenna taught herself how to play guitar (and eventually bass) during her first year of university, started a band with her best pals and has played around the city with many others. She feels the true significance of rock camp is creating a space of friendship, love and support without jealousy or competition that is often instilled in young girls+ through various veins of patriarchy.  She truly believes in the sheer power and value of young girls+ and treasures every moment spent with them learning and playing music.


Emma Kenny

Communications Coordinator

Emma is a lifetime music enthusiast and self-identified punk, born and raised in Ottawa. After a brief stint in Halifax to complete an undergraduate degree in English and Gender Studies, she has returned to her home town and is working on a masters degree. Emma bounced around between woodwind, brass, piano, and vocals during her time in middle and high school band, and although nothing really stuck, she believes in the power of music and is passionate about making arts programming accessible to everyone. Drawn to Girls+ Rock Ottawa by its goal of creating a more diverse and inclusive local scene, Emma is excited to be working with an organization committed to visions of gender equality and justice that also- quite literally- rocks! 


Clara Charron

Communications Coordinator

Clara split her childhood between Ottawa and various part of Asia. Because her family had no access to English music radio while overseas, they listened to the same Broadway cassettes over and over again. When she moved back to Canada for high school, Clara began taking lessons and teaching herself a variety of musical instruments in order to compose songs on them, and started exploring different genres. Always fascinated by business, she began her Music Industry Arts diploma at Algonquin College in 2015, which led her to starting her music industry blog, Pop of Colour, while in school. Clara has been with Girls + Rock since 2017.