Our Mission

Girls+ Rock Ottawa is a volunteer-run community organization that provides music-based programming to foster empowerment, inclusivity and community to girls, women, non-binary, two-spirit, and gender non-conforming folk (GWNB2SGNC+) - all while having fun. Our flagship event is a three-day camp, during which participants learn an instrument, join a band, and showcase their achievements at a live performance.

our Vision

Girls+ Rock Ottawa creates the conditions for a world where GWNB2SF+ are empowered, confident, and welcome in musical environments. We dream of a music community and industry in which GWNB2SGNC+ are proportionately represented both on and off stage, and where competition is replaced with collaboration and unity.

Our Values

Empowerment Through Music

Girls+ Rock Ottawa uses hands-on musical programming as a vehicle to foster a sense of empowerment in GWNB2SGNC+.


Girls+ Rock Ottawa believes that GWNB2SGNC+ from all ethnicities, abilities, sexual orientations, religions, and socioeconomic backgrounds should enjoy the right to be and feel accepted in Girls+ Rock Ottawa programming and society at large.


Girls+ Rock Ottawa promotes the concepts of GWNB2SGNC+ working together, learning together, mentorship, role-modelling, skill-sharing, and friendship in order to create and sustain a support network and strong sense of community.


Girls+ Rock Ottawa is dedicated to providing an atmosphere in which participants feel safe to enjoy themselves, laugh, express themselves without judgment, share ideas, be silly, make new friends and, of course - rock!