Volunteer Inquiry Form

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When are you interested in volunteering? * *
Throughout the year volunteers can do anything from serving on our board (space permitted) down to helping us to fundraise, organize events, do outreach and prepare for the weekend. During the event (2015 dates were November 6, 7 & 8) volunteers attend a few meetings leading up to the event and then help at the camp and showcase itself in many capacities (Friday evening, Saturday day, and Sunday day + evening).
Have you had a police background check sometime in the past 12 months? *
Please note that in order to volunteer with Rock Camp for Girls+, Jam Sessions and Gig Planning 101, volunteers must have completed a police record check within the past 12 months. Girls+ Rock Ottawa can provide interested volunteers with a letter to undergo a police record check at no charge.
Are you a musician? *
It's okay if you aren't! We have LOTS to do that has nothing to do with the musical aspects of the organization.
If yes, which instrument(s) are you interested in teaching as needed? (Select all that apply.)
If you want to contribute non-musically, solely or as well as musically, which area(s) of need best suit your interests? (Select all that apply.)
The Girls+ Rock Ottawa board has officers assigned to each of these departments. If you are looking to be involved in any of these specific areas, your name will go on a committee contact list and we will get in touch as tasks come up.