Vocal 101 Workshop

If you can sing in the car or in the shower, you can (and should) sing!

Join us for a vocal workshop to learn some vocal and ear-training basics! We’ll go through some of the science behind vocals, some warm-up and practice techniques, and put it all together with a song at the end. Leave with tools that, with practice, will help to increase vocal ability, musical ear, and confidence! Come out and have some fun while picking up some tips to help you nail your next karaoke performance!

Only 10 spots available, register now to reserve your spot!

We will be announcing more workshop dates soon, stay tuned!

This workshop is perfect if:

  • You want to gain confidence to sing in public (whether that be in a car with friends, at karaoke or in a band);

  • You want to have a better understanding of the singing voice & vocal mechanism;

  • You want to learn warm up techniques as well as ear training exercises and the reasoning behind them;

  • You want to practice in a small group setting where everyone is working on the same things; and

  • You want to have fun! :)




Ariane Bell Vila

Ariane has been teaching voice and piano since 2011 and started volunteering with Girls+ Rock Ottawa as a voice instructor and comms team member in the spring of 2017. She holds a Bachelor of Music in Voice from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, ON. She is strongly believes in helping others find their unique, healthy sound, regardless of genre, and performs in a variety of styles herself, from opera, to musical theatre, to pop.