Ottawa Bluesfest

Bluesfest 2019 Lineup Shows Improvement in Gender Representation

By Girls+ Rock Ottawa

Ottawa Bluesfest revealed their 2019 lineup yesterday - so how did they do in terms of gender representation this year? We’ve crunched the numbers and found that 45% of the 2019 lineup includes acts with at least one non cis male band member. This is a major improvement from last year where only 25% of acts had at least one non cis male band member (see below for a reminder). We applaud Bluesfest for listening to the community and making a greater effort to having gender representation in their lineup. And we give a standing ovation to all the amazing local acts on the lineup!

To everyone out there advocating for a more inclusive scene: this is proof that your voice matters. Keep speaking up and pushing your local festivals, businesses and organizations to be diverse and inclusive. Let them know that #RepresentationMatters.

Our work isn’t done. As you can see, the festival headliners are still dominated by all male bands. Bands that feature women, non-binary and transgender people are lower down in the poster. In the future, we hope to see more acts with woman, non-binary or trans members as headliners.

We’re still working to dismantle the barriers that woman, non-binary, trans and queer artists face in the music industry. We know that our communities are rich with queer, trans, non-binary and women creators and we are proud to work with them to create the music scene that they see themselves in.

For more information on gender representation on festival lineups, check out Keychange EU, an organization spearheading a global movement for 50:50 gender representation on festival lineups by 2022.