By Ariane Bell Vila

Great news: singing is a skill like any other - the more you actively work on it, the better you become!

I believe that everyone can, and should sing. You don’t have to be an aspiring professional singer to take an interest in learning more about the instrument you carry with you at all times. That said, singing can definitely leave people feeling vulnerable, and there is a strange expectation that in order to be a singer you have to already have a well-developed voice and a perfect musical ear.

I believe that everyone has their own unique singing voice. Here are three ways to uncover yours:

1. Practice makes permanent

Practice is everything, and it’s not just about practicing songs. You should regularly be warming up, training your musical ear, practicing breath control as well as body awareness, and more!

2. Don’t be limited by categories

Voice types such as alto and soprano exist, but don’t let these categories dictate how you explore your instrument. Saying “I’m an alto” and never singing any mid to high notes is limiting, because you’re intentionally ignoring part of your instrument. It’s like playing a piano but ignoring the upper and lower-most octaves entirely because you are used to playing on a miniature keyboard. You might not sing in a certain range in performance, but it’s still worth exploring and developing the entire range of your instrument in the practice room! (P.S. Voice types can change throughout your life as your body changes).

3. Confidence is a skill

Just like you can practice singing, you can also practice dealing with nerves and stage-fright. BulletproofMusician does a great job explaining a technique called centering (and many other great articles about practice and performance anxiety in general) which can be incredibly effective with practice.

Above all else: be gentle, patient, and kind to yourself and your voice. Your best singing today may be different than your best singing tomorrow, and that's ok!

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