FOONYAP on her musical inspirations and challenges

We stood outside in a snowstorm with FOONYAP after her set at MEGAPHONO 2018 to learn all about her musical inspirations, as well as the biggest challenges she has overcome in her music career. She talks about how letting go of what she thought music was "supposed" to sound like allowed her to fully tap in to her creative self and create music that tells her story, a hauntingly beautiful blend of folk and electronic.

“I've been playing violin since I was four but what inspired me to start making my own music was I finally let go of how I thought music should sound and I just started making the melodies and compositions that came out of me.”

Born in Calgary, FOONYAP started playing violin when she was four. Embedded in classical music, Catholicism and Chinese culture, FOONYAP struggled with conformity, alongside a need for acceptance. Her latest album reflects her tumultuous journey to self-discovery.